PLAYLIST DIARY xx January 2016

I sat down and did some counting the other day (a rare occurrence but nonetheless it did happen) and in May I will have been making the Playlist Diary for 5 years. 5 YEARS! That’s longer than a single term in office. Which is a weird way to actualize time, but it feels correct to do it that way. Anyway, so I guess I’ve been doing this noise for a while now. TIME TO STEP IT ALL UP! So this month is one of the longest playlists I’ve made for this series . . . and I’m going to keep adding to it through the month so MORE TUNES TO COME.

One of the more significant discovery’s is that I HAVE A FAVORITE BEACH BOYS SONG NOW. (Uncle Jesse and I could hang out on a next level basis now should the opportunity arise, just saying.) I found it when listening to MY NEW FAVORITE PODCAST, Pitch. If you’re not familiar with Pitch let me lay it out for you. Pitch is a podcast about all the interesting things that no one ever talks about in regards to music. Each episode is a story that goes through a facet of music or music history. Such as, Pitch – “Somewhere In My Memory” , which led me to Sloop John B.

Pitch is amazing, Sloop is on the playlist, settle in and give them all a nice cozy listen.

God and Gloria Steinem bless us all.

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