Gal with a Horn – Clora Bryant

Lately my taste has been favoring the world of 1950s love and heartbreak (less heartbreak more sappy tales of woe that are cleverly pulled around in the last verse to tales devotion and happiness). So naturally while wading my way through a sea of Doris Day, Betty Hutton, and Judy Garland I came upon this gem . . .

Clora Bryant’s . . . Gal With a Horn. Keepin’ everything light and jazzy, while blowin’ the living daylights out of the horn, that’s Clora’s jam. Clora was a one of the most notable female jazz musicians of her time. She gained notoriety in the 1940’s preforming with a few all female groups at Famous Venues like The Apollo Theater before turning solo. If you have the means (spotify streams, doll) this whole album is so worth your time. It’s the type of album I’d listen to alone with some low lighting, an art project and some damn wine. (The trumpet solo on Gypsy in My Mind will rapture you).



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