BAND CRUSH: Radiator Hospital

WAXAHATCHEE‘s (aka Katie Crutchfield) twitter is a thing of beauty. Yesterday I scrolled through nearly a year and a half of her tweets and found a plethora of new bands, delightful Kanye quips, and a silliness that is utterly delightful. In truth, I think I fell in love.


. . . because I have actually done that. SO relatable!


. . . We enjoy the same film references!


. . . I want to start a life together.

< < < ANYWAY > > > 

One of the coolest things about the twitter binge was finding new bands. Chief among which is Radiator Hospital. RH and the Crutchfields have a pretty long-standing relationship of friendship and music in the Philadelphia area.

Their songs have a way of circulating themes of love, devotion, heartbreak and yearning around your head till you feel lovesick for people you’ve never met and places you’ve never been. The melodies and lyrics are painfully truthful and the experiences dreamily retold. Sam Cook-Parrott’s voice is a thing of shaking beauty.

Cut Your Bangs is one of the simplest numbers on their latest album Torch Song, yet it packs something so tenderly heartbreaking and truthful in its lyrics. The lighthearted breeziness of the orchestration paired with the deep cutting complexity of being lied to, absolutely gutting. If you want to feel your guts fall out of your body and get real sad check out Girlpool’s cover

**Bloody, bleeding, broken hearts everywhere.**

Check out this live acoustic performance of Our Song.




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