So many updates in the world of Tacocat, I’m bursting! Well I guess there are just two, but they are both super exciting! First of all, Powerpuff Girls are coming back to Cartoon Network (Dear Cartoon Network,  My 3rd-grade-self fucking loves you for doing that.) and guess who is doing the theme song . . .

Yeah, it’s Tacocat! What a blast, right?!

Second piece of exciting news is that their new record is coming out on Hardly Art April 1st. The first song on the track listing is titled, “Dana Katherine Scully” – GAH! Can’t wait! The latest single for the album was released last week and I am obsessed with it. This new track is angsty for them but it’s a direction that I 100% support. I dig a tongue and cheek song about modern *text based* relationships. Check it out for your lovely self. BTW, this song is featured on March’s Playlist Diary. If you missed any previous months we’ve got them all lined up for you here!

Don’t forget to follow WAXY JANE on practically every available social media format. (We have an instagram now!)

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