Hey Monday! Hey (Almost) March! Hey day-we-only see-every-four-years!

Exciting times, man. E X C I T I N G   T I M E S

Leap day is a dope reminder that even the calendar can change it up sometimes. Change is great. I like a bit of rebirth this soon in the year, after I’ve forgotten or inevitably ruined all new years resolutions and am lacking in motivation. Everyday could be a chance for change and new beginnings but I like to make a spectacle of it, i.e. LEAP DAY FUCKING WILLIAM SHIT.

If ya don’t know, now you know.

In celebration here’s a playlist of jams to get you into the leaping, jumping, dancing, world changing, motivational mood of the day! Leave us a comment about what music pumps you up! Do something crazy and impulsive, real life is for March!





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