The Oscars Were [SUPER] Important

Although, they’ve always been important to me. I stinking love the Oscars, they are my Superbowl. There are no if ands or buts about it, when I become an adult that can afford appetizers I am throwing lavish oscar viewing parties for me and my future cats. We’re gonna have a blast.

Last night’s Oscars were different, just as they needed to be. The obvious issues surrounding the academy and the lack of nominees of color was at the forefront of Chris Rock’s monologue. Chris Rock and the writers handled the controversy pretty well. They joked when it was time and came back to the very real issues the industry is facing in other moments. Pointing out that the no matter what the reason for the lack of African American nominees there needs to be more opportunities given to actors of color was crucial and hopefully a message that hit home for everyone.


The moment that got me majorly verklempt was Lady Gaga’s performance of Til It Happens To You, the Best Original song nominated from the documentary The Hunting Ground. Gaga preformed the song surrounded by dozens of sexual assault survivors. It was a powerful show of recognition and support for the men and women that are affected by on-campus assault. Beautifully done and empowering. Watch below.


Change the Culture

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