Happy International Women’s Day! 

March 8th is International women’s day, y’all! A day to celebrate all the wonderful women of the world and all that they do, all that they are fighting for and who they are. Between today and Women’s History month it’s our month, so back up penises (penisi?) cause March is part of the UTE GANG! Go girls!

If I had my way we would celebrate IWD by gathering hand-in-hand around a Christmas tree decorated with moons and uteruss (uteri?) singing Joan Baez songs and laughing. Sometimes I think the hippie side of me is taking over. Am I a pagan? Regardless, this day should be spent lifting up and celebrating women (as everyday should, really.) I’m stoked for a whole day where people have a open invitation to talk as much as I do about womanhood. I super love days where I get to openly talk about how much I love women and the bonds of sisterhood (yeah, I said sisterhood i.e. YaYa, traveling pants, UTE GANG.)

For all the wonderful and life changing advancements made for gender equality across the world there are still MANY, MANY battles left to be won. The fight is real, so we here at WJ made you a playlist to get you in the mood to go out and GET YOURS. Work hard, stay hungry and make the world a better, more equal place for everyone.

Stay hungry. Love each other.

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