SXSW 2016 Favorites

SXSW has always proven itself to be one of the best new artist pools for me. Last year’s festival featured some of my (now) favorite groups.

*I’m looking/waving hysterically at you, Girlpool*

NPR released a collection of 100 songs from artists that will be playing this year. I eagerly devoured the six hours of new music as if I was hungover in the desert and it was a huge bottle of blue Gatorade. (On a personal note I have rekindled a romance with blue Gatorade I thought long gone. How could I have forsaken the arctic nectar of the Florida Gods for so long?) The festival which kicks off its music portion tomorrow will feature some longtime favs such as; And the Kids, Diet Cig, AURORA, Beverly, and a ton of new artists too.

Miya Folick

This girl has got a lot of fight in her.

This video, to me, is a hazy, gray scale dream dance of a girl tumbling through her own mind, a feeling I can so closely relate to. One of the best traits that any artist can have is brutal truth and Miya gives her truth both visually and musically without resilience.


Yet another awesome Philly based band. Mercury Girls serves Franke-and-Annette esk pop with a healthy dose of longing. Listen and drift off in cloud of beachy angst.



I dig diversity, but let me say that I am NOT AT ALL MAD that their is a second trio of Haim sisters kicking out sweet jams while having great hair and unbelievable talent walking around. In fact, I could not think of anything better than another Haim, especially when it is a hip-hop arabic version.(If you haven’t guessed by now A-WA is composed of three sisters, Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim). Totally dope. This vid is baller as well.

Rosie Carney

Rosie has been described so many times as vulnerable that I took to to look for ways to echo that sentiment without using that exact adjective. A glance through the page on vulnerability reminded me that this word is usually aligned with negative connotations. Synonyms being susceptibility, culpability, burden . . . it was then that I realized what vulnerability means to me. To me it is strength in the face of great personal risk, and with that explanation there can be no better way to describe Rosie’s music. It is open and unassuming. The core thread of great heart that runs through her words lend a safe place to the listener to share in her authenticity and strength.


Smokey voiced Ninet is sure to be a killer act this year. This video feels prophetic to me, like a multi faced demon is telling you how shit is going to go down in your future if you don’t shape up. Am I possibly projecting my own issues onto this? Absolutely.

. . . . put em all together and what do you get? A PLAYLIST, duh.


Deff hit us up if you have or will being seeing any of these acts. I WANNA KNOW ALL ABOUT IT, HABIBI!


Wanna hear more WAXY JANE playlists? . . .  We’re into that.



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