VID: Seinabo Sey – Hard Time

“This time I will be
Louder than my words
Walk with lessons that
Oh, that I have learnt
Show the scars I’ve earned
In the light of day
Shadows will be found
I will hunt them down”

GIRL, yes. Seinabo Sey’s pop banger Hard Time off her debut album Pretend kills me in every way. It commands an audience with an ear worm worthy chorus. Sey has a genuine, bold talent and her presence is undeniable as a musician. But it wasn’t until I saw the video for this song that I feel in love with Sey as an artist.

There is something about this video that makes me want to analyze for symbolism like I’m in an introductory art appreciation seminar, and I mean that in the best way. (I genuinely loved those assignments). The video creates a visually striking world with Seinabo at the center with impressive presence. Lights, color, movement all move you through the story of anger, redemption and acceptance with few overly indulgent visual elements that seem empty and gratuitous.

<SIDEBAR: Why is that such a big deal in vids now, anyway? Almost every video has numerous quick shots of things that are appealing visually, but kinda dumb and meaningless. Lots of wolves that have no place being where they are. Hawks taking off into flight. SIDEBAR OVER>

The message of the song is so strong and paired with these strong images, collection of proud women, vibrant colors it transforms from a music video to a work of art.

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