WAX ON THE ROAD x Philadelphia!

BOLD STATEMENT TIME: All road trips should start with Frightened Rabbit’s The Loneliness and the Scream.

I know what you’re thinking, “Hannah! Are you insane? What about Born to Run, All Right Now, or something equally as John-Cougar-Mellencamp-let’s-discover-America-and-challenge-the-open-road-esk ?!” Well I’m here to say, no. This song is the end all be all of road trip starters. It’s bulging and pulsating with the sense of regret and new beginnings, humming with the chant of overweight Scottish men’s excitement (perfection). It means everything to me and gets me in the mindset to explore territory not yet found within myself and outside of my comfort zone. I first saw Frightened Rabbit three years ago in Philly so it seems personally relevant to start with them when traveling to the bright blue skies of Philadelphia!

Photography by Katie Taylor


On Tuesday I traveled up to Philly to see my best friend from elementary school, who was visiting for a few days from Florida. My first experience with the city was SO POSITIVE that I was surprised to hear that after her first day there she was not as in love with it. A few hole in the wall bars and boutique shops later there was another tune to be sung. I adore Philly for its art. Everywhere you look there is another mural or sculpture to see. We spent the day at the Mutter Museum, drinking beer, and mostly getting lost (which was fine with me because I love walking in cities more than almost any other activity ) and the vibe of a culturally ALIVE city came to life. While steeped in history there is a lot of new and fresh things to be discovered there, all balanced by the underlining beat of possibility. Things happen there, if you make them happen (like everywhere, duh. But I feel it more in Philly). It is Philadelphia freedom, babe. Just like Elton John used to talk about.

Photography by Katie Taylor

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this playlist. it’s just my experiences and tastes from that day piled into one list – one that describes the vibe I felt there. Check it out and tell me what you think! What songs get you ready for a new experience? Tell us in the comments!


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