I’ve mentioned it before and I will repeat it till I die, honesty is one of my favorite traits in everything but especially in art and music. Anything created with honesty, even if it’s bad, is good. Brooklyn artist Vagabon is making music that is both good and honest.

Vagabon’s first EP, Persian Garden, is just about as honest as anyone can be. It’s almost as if writer and performer, Laetitia Tamko, thought no one would hear it.


Laetitia croons simple but robust lyrics through smokey vocals and stunning guitar arrangements making music that bleeds into the blank spaces hidden within yourself and fills them with bitter resolve. Her songs sound like secret stories told within the sanctum of a girl’s youth, the kind that are created in the wee hours of the morning in a warm bedroom, just a girl and her art making something that is true.

“Winter came around to see if you were still in town.
your neighbors pretend to cry.
‘he was a nice man’
they said after you died.
they slip your mail under your doorsteps.
knock twice and tell me you’re here.
your neighbors say they haven’t seen you in days,
the smoke from your bedroom gave you away. ‘take the needle out of your arm, honey’

winter will never be the same now that you’re back to your old ways.”

-Heroine, Vagabo

See what I mean?! She’s outstanding but don’t take my word for it (Hey, Reading Rainbow!) Get all you can of this girl. Check out her EP on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Check out the entire Vagabon EP on Bandcamp.

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