Easy peasy, lemon squeezy music hack: If you like a band, you’ll probably like the bands that influenced them.

Finding musical influences has been my mega tool for finding unbelievably good new (old) music. Thank goodness I was born in the age of the internet and I’ve rarely had to crack a book to research these things – although books are an amazing way of finding music too, NEVER DISREGARD BOOKS AS A SOURCE OF KNOWLEGE, but ain’t nobody got time fort that. Wikipedia and online blogs used to be my savior for finding these things but makes finding influences so much simpler. **This isn’t an ad and I in no way get money for saying these things (although I may be open to a sponsorship, hayyyy.)**

Inflooenz should be taken with a grain of salt, however. Not all the influences seem as thoroughly researched as they should be, but it is a great starting resource for further musical exploration.

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