Holy Butts.

Can you believe April is over already?!

This year is moving so fast, or at least it feels that way. This month we lost one of the music industry’s most important musicians, and frankly, I’m still not over it.

BUT, we were also blessed with a DEFIANT visual and musical piece from the reigning Queen Bey, Lemonade. Which did help to fill a small part of the void Prince left, if only for an hour and fifty minutes.

I signed up for Tidal (free subscription, do not mistake me for someone that would pay for Tidal) just to watch it . . . and then proceeded to watch the entire album over and over. I watched it while . . .

  1. Doing Laundry.
  2. Eating massive amounts of jelly beans.
  3. Writing the latest WAXY zine.
  4.  Taking a shower
  5. Contemplating my life decisions.
  6. Wishing I had a boy to be mad at. (FYI – Lemonade will fill you with rage towards boyfriends you’ve never had and make you want to bust windows out of cars that you’ve never made out in the back of.)
  7. Being thankful I don’t have a cheating boyfriend (I got 99 problems but infidelity is not currently one of them) and this experience can just be fun and vicarious.

. . . essentially I had my own Easy A montage with LEMONADE and it was fantastic.

Since neither Lemonade nor Prince are on Spotify I could not praise them in the April playlist. Bummer. In the spirit of Lemonade, however, this month’s playlist has the theme of coping and overcoming. It’s that kind of time for me and, I think, for a lot of us. Life is uncertain and we can either learn to accept reality and fight for a better one or succumb to the situations we’re in.

Like Blind Melon says, “When life gets hard you have to change.”

Enjoy this month’s playlist, Janes.

Did you miss last month’s playlist? Ain’t no thing – check it out here.

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