BAND CRUSH: The Staves

This is how I view The Staves . . .

A hushed breeze is washing down the thin veins and back alleys of a barren city. Cracks in the pavement are pregnant with the seedlings of great oaks anxiously waiting for the independence of a summer rain. Brick buildings crumble under the wasted dreams of faded band posters. Traipsing down the forbidden alleys walk three sirens, each dressed in armour of iron and silk, calling you to walk on pebbled roads and caress the hidden places of your mind. They are the sweet bark of a tree. They are the words whispered in lover’s ears, they are dainty vases fill with the fire of rock and roll.

. . . what I mean is, I’m into The Staves.

The Staves make all other harmonies start to sound like Tom Waits. Hyperbole. In all seriousness, this British trio have unbelievable talent. Throw ethereal vocals in the blender with a dash of soul wrenching power and a splash of rock and roll and enjoy slowly.

These girls keep growing in their sound with each album. Their latest album If I Was feels like an exercise in stretching creative self-trust. (My auto-correct changes “The Staves” to “Themselves”- and that feels pretty fortuitous) Take a listen to tracks like “Black and White” to witness the rock roots of The Staves.

ALSO . . .

A cappella Joni Mitchell Cover!



We made a special playlist dedicated to the music of these badass broads check it out on Spotify.




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