90s Girls Taught Me How to BE – PART 2

I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY re: Ladies of the 90s

Let’s get started.

Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is a force of nature. like, and undertow type of force of nature. Gordon looks calm and, dare I say, timid but she has raw power hiding underneath all that. She brought much loved bass lines to Sonic Youth (and dope art history to their covers) as well as a feminist perspective to the alternative music scene.

PJ Harvey

Polly Jean Harvey is the embodiment of an artist. Her existence is a bold stroke on the canvas of the world. Since the beginning of her career, PJ has had the balls to tell it like it is. Her music is her truth and she makes it a platform to hold a middle finger/magnifying glass up to society.  Love, sex, injustice, mystery, passion, anger – there is no part of the human experience that she doesn’t touch on . . . all that and Polly shreds guitar. She manipulates her sound in the best way and alwasys gets the richest dirtiest tones out of her instrument.

Bikini Kill

(Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox, and Tobi Valli)

Punk rock is a form of protest. Bikini Kill and the Riot GRRRL movement kicked punk rock and its structure in the gut and forced it to recognize women. The practice of “girls to the front” is something that has expanded past the mosh pits and moved into every aspect feminism. Kathleen Hanna’s documentary “the punk singer” looked into Bikini Kill/Hanna’s journey through the Olympia art scene and into the public consciousness.


(Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucket and Janet Weiss)

If there is one lyric that both sums up SK’s senseability and my personal motivations it is, Hunger makes me a modern girl. SK is hungry and they always have been. Hungry for life. Hungry for equality. Hungry for MORE of anything that comes their way. It’s a desperate thirst for the human experience. Sleater-Kinney take the frustrations and joys of being a girl and punks the shit out of them. Not a shit is given if you’re 15 or 35 for the third time – SK write and perform in a way that is relatable to any spectrum of womanhood and for that they are magnificent.


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