What’s your frequency, Kenneth?!

Which may be my new way of saying “hello” or “What’s your damage, Heather?” – haven’t quite decided, but for the purposes of today’s playlist diary it totally means HELLO, you gorgeous specimen of human nature! Ready for another month the Playlist diary!? Lets dig in . . .

May has been all about the Artomatic festival here in Frederick. Every weekend amazing bands have been playing 10 minutes from my house and most of them have been local themselves which is incredibly awesome and fills me with some weird kind of Frederick pride. I have so much to say about the art and the bands that have showcased so far that I may plotz. So let’s just cover the highlights. My favorite band to preform so far has been The Fun Boys. Their music is this crazy amalgamation of Dick and the Deltones meets The Cramps with a lot of Grease and Bye Bye Birdie thrown in-between. They’re one of those bands that you have to write about to sort out all the rad stuff that happened during their set. I hardily appreciate their milk chugging theatrics and use of maracas (I’m a kitsch grrrl at heart, y’all). Let me describe The Fun Boys the best way I know how, as if they were part of a Beach Party Movie: If Annette dumped Frankie and went steady with one of the hotter members of The Rats, got pregnant in the graffiti covered bathroom at a Stooges concert and nine months later popped out a quadruplet of fetuses bound for swinging tunes, The Fun Boys would be that litter of Funicello/Von Zipper pups. They are eclectic and weird and wonderful. If I had time I would write video treatments for each of their songs because they bring vivid pictures into my mind – brilliant stuff.

Von Zipper gets it

Anyway, the concerts are the cherry on top of this massive building FILLED with local artists and their work. I finally got to take a walk  around Saturday night and really saunter around at my own pace and SEE the art. The whole place is almost too much to take in at once which is probably why I keep going back and reabsorbing everything.

Artomatic Frederick, MD 2016 

. . .  back in the world of the internet (my real home) I remembered how much I love Priests, found a new fave Tribe song and grew a radical fondness for DILLY DALLY.

It’s all in this month’s playlist, Kenneth. Gosh!


Enjoy 🙂

Did you miss last month’s playlist, or any of the 100000 million before that? Check out the Playlist Diary page and get caught up!



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