The Playlist Diary has officially been going on FOR FIVE YEARS, effectively making it the longest lasting project I’ve ever been a part of besides actual human existence (which I consider a project in itself). Five years of funneling my love of music, personal obsessions and musical discovery in to a monthly playlist. I’ve loved every second of it.

This month one of my favorite artists, Mitski,  released her latest album Puberty 2 and it is without a doubt is on my best albums of the year list already. Listen to the whole fucking thing, you have to do it. I would live to gush about the entire album and break it down track for track, but this album is for each person to experience on their own and interpret on their own. What I will say is, each song is delicately written and bombastically performed. Like riding a roller coaster and feeling completely at peace and calm.




I’m completely obsessed with Daddy Issues. Check out their live set below and listen to their song “Veronica” on this month’s list.


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