It’s been a weird one, y’all

This month has been ROUGH, ruff stuff. There is a kind of madness in the world that is unexplainable and I feel completely unable to rationalize it to myself or anyone around me. In times like these it’s difficult to feel safe or comfortable. Lately even my home hasn’t felt comfortable. Nothing relaxes or makes me feel better, it is some bullshit. I’m sick of everything and everyone and I don’t know where I belong and i’m not sure what the future holds. I’m sick of our society and it’s enough to send me into a George Banks-esk tantrum.

I always feel like I’m about to have a George Banks tantrum, TBH. That doesn’t diminish the sentiment though. Real life aside, if you can manage to put it aside, this month’s playlist is dope. Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book is out and it renews me. The whole album strikes a chord (lol) with me even with it’s first track. Music is all we got. Now, more than ever, that sentiment feels so true. I also rediscovered an old favorite this month, Linda Perhac’s Parallelograms. The entirety of that album is unbelievable and majestic but Chimachum Rain is by far my favorite, not solely due to it’s presence in Gilmore Girls but  . . . no, it’s mostly because . . . Gilmore Girls. *hangs head in solidarity and puts a fist in the air for emotional teen girls of the 00’s*

Hope you all had a dope month, and remember the immortal words of New Radicald,

“Once dance left, this world is gonna pull through”.

Is anyone else mad bummed that the bucket hat has been resurrected but not music videos staged in malls?

Missed last month’s playlist? Check it out here. 







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