WAX ON THE ROAD x Atlanta!



Scarlett O’Hara


My childhood neighbor

Those were basically my main points of reference for Atlanta, Ga . . . but to be honest I’ve never really given the place a whole lot of thought or research . . . which ended up being a terrible idea that led me to hitting the google pavement pretty hard at the hotel (live and learn, yo).

This trip was actually the first time I’ve flown since 2009. I completely forgot how much I love/hate airplanes. My relationship with the airports started early as a place that I was given a McDonald’s Happy Meal and asked to sit still while waiting to pick up my aunt anytime she travelled home to Pennsylvania from New Mexico.


Anyway, the excitement of the airport distracted me from the reality that I get really nervous [READ: fucking terrified] on airplanes. Of course, Iggy Pop was there to help me find excitement in the prospect of death with The Passenger. This song transformed my fear into fun (THE WAY ONLY IGGY DOES) and the pacing went so well with the speed of a huge chunk of metal forcing itself into the sky.

Thanks, Iggs.

I didn’t connect with ATL the way I usually do with new cities. I recognized its dopeness, but at the same time knew we didn’t belong together (Philly and I belong together). HOWEVER, between the Coke Tour, the aquarium, the Margaret Mitchell house and the record stores, I found it to be a pretty cool place . . . I may even go back.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 7.58.04 PM.png

HOWEVER, my connection with the music and artists from Atlanta was amazing. If there is one defining factor of artists from Atlanta it is that they are undefinable. All unique and exquisite in their own way. The acts on this playlist don’t leave the same taste in your mouth over and over. Each song is a new flavor on the broad musical palette of the great  state that is Georgia and the thick hot city that is the ATL. Take BOSCO and Speakerfoxxx for example, they are VIBRANT outspoken artists that blend musical genres, fur jackets and empowerment to create a big sound. Listen.


While Atlanta is most widely known for the R&B acts that skyrocket from Peach Street and into super stardom, they also have some really dope folk, punk rock, alternative and experimental bands. Atlanta is like a box of peach pits, by that I mean it’s a box of teen hang outs from Beverly Hills 90210, because you never know what you’re going to get – but best bet is that it will ROCK. Check out our playlist of ATL artists (including Magnapop, Monica, TLC, Doria Roberts and more dope musicians).

Keep it ATL fresh, Janes.

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