Dearly beloved,

We gather here today to get through this thing called America. America in 2016 – it means being frustrated 100% of the time- and that’s a mighty long time, but I’m here to tell you there’s something else . . . Solange’s new album. 

Solange has always had some BIG things to say, and in this album she tells those big ideas and feelings with the loudest, clearest voice she’s ever had. I could do virtual laps around the inside of this blog about how significant this album is but I won’t. Anyone that has one ear turned to reality knows that Solange has been climbing toward this type of full artistic expression her entire career and it is beautiful to hear her speak her truth.

September brought a lot of good albums our way. I drooled and sobbed my way through A Seat at the Table, Frank Ocean’s Blond, Angel Olson’s EP MY WOMAN and bounced through many more.

May you find words of encouragement and comfort in this month’s playlist.

Did you miss last month’s playlist? Want to hear it again? Click here and jam, my grrrl.

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