Last April, I was on the train coming home from Philadelphia when I got sick of it all. I had just spent a beautiful day running around one of my favorite cities, making new memories with an old friend … and I couldn’t feel happy about it, the memories of him infested my conscious and there was little I could do to stop them. It had been a while since we broke up but the tiny details of him were still everywhere.  That’s when i decided to purge the heaviest memories into this zine, not just of that boy but everyone that had left pieces of themselves with me, pieces that I needed to give away in order to feel free.

I hate the little pieces of people that never leave. The good things and the bad that turn a sunny day gray at the blink of an eye – i wrote them down on these pages – there are still a million in me, but it feels good to let go of even a few.

-these pieces of him clutter my pockets and make them too heavy for me to run, I want to give them to you-

I’m giving the zine away in an attempt to further push these memories far, far away. If you would like a free copy email me @ waxyjanemusic@gmail.com and I’ll happily, lovingly and gleefully send you one. ❤

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