Song of the Week: Cinema Hearts “Fender Factory”

Hola, comrades (emphasis on the RAD). We’ve got a new series here at WAXY JANE lovingly yet mundanely called “Song of the week” – bet ya can’t guess what it’s about ;).

I just sat down with the new love in my life – my kitten Zephyr (proud parent, can’t help but brag. Please post any ohhs and ahhs in the comments, he will love them and purr the tristate area into a 8 earthquake when he hears them) – and listened to the new Cinema Hearts album, Burned and Burnished. I’ve been a borderline religious follower of the group’s guitarist and lead vocalist, Caroline Weinroth’s instagram, for some time now and was super excited to finally spend sometime with the album that she’s been promoting. Even though I’ve never met Caroline, I’m a super fan of her on multiple levels – she’s talented, motivated and dedicated to the community which gives me all kinds of happiness and inspiration. The first track on the album, Fender Factory, immediately struck me. It’s a fantastic clapback at every condescending music store employee that has demeaned or talked down to female musicians in their stores (or practically anywhere). One of my favorite aspects of the song is how the lyrics drip poison, but they are delivered through sugary-sweet cherry coated lyrics. Give it a listen below and check out the rest of the album on Bandcamp.

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