Grace Vonderkuhn (from Wilmington, DE) played the Slayground last month and ever since then I’ve been listening to her self-titled EP over and over. The whole album is like a can of seltzer, pops and splashes of colorful garage rock followed by a slow fizz that rumbles its way into your bones (I might be the only person in the world that derives that much meaning/pleasure from La Croix, but I’m FOR SURE not the only person that loves Grace Vinderkuhn). Choosing just one GVK song to feature this week was honestly difficult because I’ve become pretty attached to them all – especially “God Bless Your Soul,” gah, so slowly haunting and magnificent – but I really love the guitar in Radio Silence. The dark, rich tones of the guitar in the first half of the song tug on my splenius capitis, bobber head style, and makes me want to dance. Check it out for yourself.

Check out Grace Vonderkuhn’s bandcamp for more tunesss and Facebook for upcoming shows.

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