365 Days of Band Discovery

365 days of band discovery2017 was a year of self-soothing for me (was it that way for you?). Keeping myself comfortable (or a facsimile of it, anyway) is surrounding myself with the things that make me happy i.e. bands that I know I enjoy, movies that I know all the words to, a METRIC SHIT TON OF TRIXIE MATTEL VIDEOS and caffeinated beverages that taste the same no matter where I go (fuck Starbucks but their ability to be consistent from one shop to another is really useful).

This constant deluge of familiar did help me find moments of comfort in the massively unjust and fucked up bell jar that was last year but it left me feeling parched for the NEW! In an effort to feed my soul, reach out from beneath the cozy security of my Monkees, Pavement and Laura Marling blanket fort and brighten 2018 – I’ve decided to find a new* band every day and share them here on WAXY with you!

Without further ado, let’s get this party started! (okay, I can’t let my old habits go without a little nostalgic fanfare. It’s just not in me to forsake my past).

*New is new to me, not new to the world, maybe not new to you but HEY life is all about learning and re-learning, right?

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