POPPIES – 2/365

01365 (1)


PLACE OF DISCOVERY: Suggested Youtube video after watching videos of yesterday’s band, Crumb.

WAXY-PROCLAIMED GENRE: “I would sexy dance in a mosh pit to this” pop

ALBUM LISTENED TO: A mix of videos online, bits and pieces of Good EP.

FAV SONG SO FAR: YO, the video for “Told” blew my mind (embedded below, watch that ish). The song was great on its own but the video will put that song in my mind for a long time to come. Whoever thought up that premise was a genius as were the actors – keeping your shit together while getting a mouthful of what looks like moist topsoil -WORK!

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: I really love their willingness to play around with lyrical storylines, beats and melody. Sometimes the grooves feel very grunge, which I adore. “Dog Years” has a particularly Meat Puppet flavor (unintentional pun and I will not edit it out) to it but just when you think you have them figured out they bust out something, comforting but unexpected like “Sunburn” which is slow, low-fi and really tender.

CONSENSUS?: Pleased. Two good bands two days in a row! Looking forward to checking out more of their work! You can listen to them on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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