SLEEPY DOG – 3/365


01%2F365 (3).png

BAND OF THE DAY: Sleepy Dog 

PLACE OF DISCOVERY: Somehow I became part of a “music share” group on Facebook with about 133 people that I don’t know and 3 that I do. One of the people I DO know posted Sleepy’s video for Space Cadet on the group page.


ALBUM LISTENED TO: Various YouTube videos (by now I think that is a given. I like a video intro to a group, I guess? Which goes against everything I thought about how I discover music). All of Sleepy’s Bandcamp.

FAV SONG SO FAR: I was really captivated by “tip toeing on pond water.” Getting lost in that guitar feels like being in a warm fuzzy knot and having to pick out single segments to untangle yourself – but it feels so wonderful to do. The contradiction between the most energetic, snappy melody in “Space Cadet” and the heartwrenching lyrics is a fun twist. Not sure what the living room set-up is, but it sounds pretty crisp and just the right about of fuzz.

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: It’s interesting to hear the songs get better and better even over the period of a year. The composition of the songs, the lock with the vocals – it’s all tightening with each release which makes me REALLY excited for what’s coming next – I bet it will just keep getting better.

CONSENSUS?: Digging it the most. I think Sleepy has a really unique vocal sound that takes his music to an even more eclectic place. I would like to see it get even bolder with lyrics and overall musicality – Sleepy could pull it off.

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