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PLACE OF DISCOVERY: Browsing on Bandcamp.

WAXY-PROCLAIMED GENRE: Deliciously liberating screamo punk rock

ALBUM LISTENED TO: Semillas track and Population Control

FAV SONG SO FAR: The first song I clicked on was Semillas and the lyrics are so strong and passionate – teaming with hate (the good kind that motivates) and resilience. It was great, but my favorite part was the sound clip at the end of the song is a live recording of a prayer spoken at a Standing Rock benefit that Amygdala played in Washington DC. The combination of punk and prayer is beautiful. To me, they’ve always been one in the same, just the tone and verbiage is different.

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: While I admit that screaming isn’t my vocal choice, I can look past that for this band. I guess it is because their lyrics are so good, that I feel a deep connection with them. The Population Control album sounds like the band is standing at the precipice of a hell mouth that contains the evils of sex and child abuse, colorism and the patriarchy and screams directly into it, yelling a splintering truth and not taking shit, not backing down. It’s glorious.

CONSENSUS?: The streak of great punk bands from Texas continues. I hope to visit this scene sometime soon.

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