01365 (2)

BAND OF THE DAY: Little Star

PLACE OF DISCOVERY: Looking up Denver bands for an upcoming trip (I like to have a playlist of local bands when I go to a new place) on the handy-dandy bandcamp.


ALBUM LISTENED TO: Celestine album. I only listened to a few of the remixes because I really wanted to focus on the original album.

FAV SONG SO FAR: “May the Way” is utterly gorgeous. A prayer for the wondering.

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: Totally feels like a sound bath. I love the way that Little Star builds these mammoth vocal landscapes and plays in them really well with her melodys. The video below of her crafting a song is really interesting.

CONSENSUS?: I’ve listened to five songs off the album and I feel really relaxed. I loved this part of Little Star’s bio, “She [Erin Dougherty, creative force and sole member of Little Star] believes music to be a powerful medium for healing and transformation, and crafts all of her music with the intention of anchoring and offering the resonance of the highest self within all who listen.”

I love that and think that intention is really clear in her music. But you don’t have to take my word for it, listen and tell us what you think!

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