BAND OF THE DAY: Superknova

PLACE OF DISCOVERY: I don’t actually remember. I’ve had them on my list of bands to check-out for a while because I’ve heard great things but never actually got around to listening till now.

WAXY-PROCLAIMED GENRE: Songs to fall in love with a stranger to after you lock eyes across a dark gallery room

ALBUM LISTENED TO: Splendor Dysphoria

FAV SONG SO FAR: Night’s a Bitch, December Night and Splendor Dysphoria

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: Well layered, well recorded and produced music. The beats are dark and sexy with layers of mysteriously hopeful light elements and softly whispered lyrics. The guitar licks are killer.

CONSENSUS?: Big fan and will be singing her praises to all my music friends. I’m glad I finally listened, the music is so strong and clean. You can listen to Superknova on Bandcamp.

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