THE SMIRKS – 11/365


PLACE OF DISCOVERY: Hexgirlfriends played a show in Baltimore with them earlier this week and I saw them on the band’s Instagram story (which is totally lame considering the show was in Baltimore and I could’ve been there. Grr).

WAXY-PROCLAIMED GENRE: Music for a perfect heist (where the patriarchy is inevitably smashed/extorted and red lipstick is worn).

ALBUM LISTENED TO: Sweaty Situations and their Youtube channel

FAV SONG SO FAR: All of them. not. joking. Also, Sway.

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: If packs of humans had songs that would call them to their tribe (the way I think whales do, but I don’t care to research it right now) then this band would call me to my pack. They are gruff, earnest, fun and have hella slick guitar riffs which make me melt into butter. I adore Alexa’s voice. I hate comparing bands to other bands because it’s really unoriginal, but she sounds like Joan Jett, but more punk (Idk how, but it happened) and I DIG it.

CONSENSUS?: In love.

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