BAND OF THE DAY: Aldous Harding

PLACE OF DISCOVERY: Yet another find from Allison and Katie Crutchfield’s What’s in my Bag?

WAXY-PROCLAIMED GENRE: Performance art Kate Bush

ALBUM LISTENED TO: Yo, I was so entranced in the videos I didn’t get to an album yet. (30 mins later I’m listening to Party).

FAV SONG SO FAR: Hunter has my favorite lyric so far,He’s a hunter, he’s a good man. Be brave when he brings you nothing home” because damn, doesn’t that just feel like the truth most days? I’m also totally in love with Imagining my Man, Horizon … actually, the more I listen to her, the more songs I have to add to this list so I’ll just stop.

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: It’s difficult to predict where she is going to go with her songs, the arrangements are never similar and don’t follow familiar patterns – which is exciting as hell. I love an artist I can’t always figure out. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a history in improv performance art or acting, her songs feel like there being pulled from a similar creative space needed for that art.

CONSENSUS: Totally enamored. I can’t wait to savor Party and her back catalog.

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