BAND OF THE DAY: Kenneka Cook

PLACE OF DISCOVERY: Front page of Bandcamp (heyyyy).

WAXY-PROCLAIMED GENRE: Daisy-picking, jazzy daydreaming R&B


FAV SONG(S) SO FAR: I’m a little upset I found her music before the full release of the Moonchild album. The two singles off the record, the title track Moonchild and Don’t Ask Me are fantastic and I can’t wait till February 23rd till the full release.

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: Kenneka has a real talent for layering sounds, something that she does expertly in her cover of Vampire Weekend’s The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance. I absolutly love her description of her new album, it makes me even more excited to listen, “Moonchild is both a product of her intense connection with the cosmos as well as a tribute to the embracing of celestial feminine energy.” How dope is that?!

CONSENSUS: Look out world, Moonchild is coming.

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