SAFFRON – 19/365


PLACE OF DISCOVERY: A lovely email with a Bandcamp link (my favorite type of email to receive).

WAXY-PROCLAIMED GENRE: Lost daughter of Joni Mitchell (or a sea witch that stole her voice and penchant for stringed instruments- ala The Little Mermaid – but that’s highly unlikely).

ALBUM LISTENED TO: Introspection

FAV SONG SO FAR: Introspection and everything on her Youtube.

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: Totally getting some Joni vibes from this song (consequently Saffron hails from Canada as well). You can tell she knows her voice well and how to highlight and meld it with the instrument she’s playing to create a wonderfully curated musical journey.

CONSENSUS: I can’t wait for an EP! I love all the songs on her Youtube too so hopefully some will be recorded soon! Saffron is playing Tranzac Club’s Southern Comfort room next Saturday, 1/27 – come through!

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