“I’ve [me, Hannah – hi!] have had a love, nay, absolute soul-busting passion for music since I was a child raised on Tracy Chapman, The Beatles, Tori Amos, The Monkees, Green Day and countless other random CDs my dad bought. My intense passion for music was only propelled by an immense curiosity to discover more … and more … and more of this miraculous stuff that transported me into … how do I describe it (?)… a place where I knew myself, where I felt free, my mind made sense and I felt understood. As I grew up, I realized quickly that the outward music world did not hold this same sense of belonging. The world that I truly believe is the place where my heart and soul belong showed to me that it had no place for me – reading blogs and mags with content that clearly never considered a female POV, being fearful for my safety at shows because of creepy dudes that aren’t even there to HEAR what’s going on, begrudgingly tolerating less-knowledgable men talk over me when discussing music history [when my nerdy teenage years were spent with my nose in every music biography, magazine, memoir and analysis I could find], seeing male-oriented bands given media preference over others time and time again – all felt like flashing signs that I was not welcome to be apart of anything involving music. Nothing ever felt like it was made to value my opinion or focus on the female-based bands and rock gods that I worshiped. It was me in my room, listening to music in solidarity and that’s all the further it would ever be. Then I realized that a vital component of being in the music scene and being a woman is community … that experiencing music alone would never be enough. I had to create a space to fill the void, AND THUS THE POWDERPUFF GIRLS WERE BORN – jk, WAXY JANE was born, but the sentiment is similar: sugar; spice; and everything that fucking rocks (that’s Buttercup, right?). A music/art blog created for the under-represented and under-cherished demographics in the industry. Though it may be small, it is made of hell fire and tenacity. WJ is named that because it exists to identify the unknown (Janes) of the world, with a tenacity and will power of wax – the shit ya can’t remove how hard you try. WAXY exists for the sole purpose of giving voice and celebration to the groups- women, LGBTQ, minority, gender non-binary in the arts – the weird people MAKING NOISE! It is their noise, their battle calls, their cries to be heard that inspire WAXY JANE.


Waxy Jane represents and serves the undermined and unappreciated souls in the music industry. Most sites intended for music appreciation and review are garnered toward a male audience. WJ is a place where the non-binary and minority voices that create and enjoy music can get together and speak openly about art and life with their own voices and experiences.

Jane is me, but Jane is you too. Jane is screaming at the top of your lungs, raising a clenched fist in the air, and demanding to be heard. I’m Hannah and it’s my brain that all this junk comes out of. There is nothing that I love and cherish more than art, music and love – WAXY is art, love and music demanding to be heard.


We strive to keep our points of view diverse and our feminism intersectional, which is why we need YOU! Interested in writing about music, art and gender politics? Send us a quick email at WAXYJANEMUSIC@gmail.com or hit us up on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know your ideas, obsessions and favorite Donna Summer song and lets talk!

If you’re a Jane put your fist up too.

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